32 cavities fork mould

4.5 g 32 cavities fork mould making by USEE PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD

name: fork mould

cavity number: 32 cavites

weight: 4.5 g

mould steel: H13 for core & cavities   P20 for mould base

runner type: one point centre hot runner ( good quality hot runner brand)

where can find professional plastic cutlery mould manufacturer?

USEE PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD,is a very professional plastic cutlery mould manufacturer.

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we make many cutlery mould, like spoon mouldfork mouldknife mouldthin-wall container mould, also many other mould

our mould have beautiful appearance, our product have very good partling line. when you touch, almost the parting line is flat and very soft.

we can control the good weight, we follow customer's weight request strictly. 

we can make the mould cycle time is short. because we think good mould structure and we put cost on mould.

we have righ experience on mould making, but this not the most important for us. the most important reason for us is we have heavy responsible heart on any customer's order. 

every thing we just want to do our best and try our best. 

this is why USEE PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTC can give customer good moulds and good feeling. 

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