good steel cutlery mould

32 cavities spoon mould made for BANGLADESH, spoon weight is 0.45g,  material is PP.

mould steel is H13, cold runner mould.
cutlery mould made by USEE PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD. 

We make the cutlery moulds according to customer’s requirements until customer satisfy with final samples. We take great pride in providing custom, innovative solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our clients while providing excellent customer service and support. Welcome to get more information at website:

The most common plastic spoon, knife and fork are made by PP, PS material. Widely used in daily necessities, aviation, or military. To produce them, need the cutlery moulds. The steps to make the mould, shortly as below:
1. First we have to know customer’s output, and then set the cavity of the mould according to the output. Figure out the product arrangement, normally we have round and rectangular layout.
2. Then consider whether to use a cold runner or a hot runner, or a semi-hot runner. The full hot runner system is expensive but with less waste; the semi-hot runner are affordable, the scraps are relatively high; the cold runner is cheap but with a lot of scraps. All depends on customer’s budget.
3. The choice of steel materials, generally the cutlery mould manufacturing needs high speed operation, we must choose the steel which can ensure the mold can run at high speed. QX Mould Company will use H13, S136, 2344, HRC42-45, these steel can guarantee the high speed running.
4. The processing of manufacturing spoon mould, fork mould, knife mould is rough milling, semi-finishing, high speed milling (spoon mould), parting surface, high-speed engraving (fork mould), polishing, mold collision, then start trial test.
5. Also customers can choose to make the fork, knife and spoon in one mould to save the cost.

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